Crisis is good.

level up!

Crisis is a natural occurrence in human life.
Before each step there must come inbalance
for us to allow the change. Understand this!
Crisis IS good. It only means that
A) you have to move ON (allow the change),
B) you are ready & fully prepared to do so.
Seize the opportunity! Take responsibilty!
Unleash / experience the “next level” of you!


THE Human


Life really is like game. An infinite game in fact… Out of challenges, come experiences, out of experiences we have learnings, that we can capitalize upon (and enjoy the benefits of), until the next challenge occurs. Suffering comes from our desire for a safe harbor, to settle down, to take control, to stop changing, to reduce risks – suffering comes from the illusion (arrogance) that we could control life, quit the game.

The secret to happiness is to play on!

Steve’s unique framework for making sense of life‘s seeming chaos is “The Human Journey” (a.k.a. “The Game of Life”), that is an evolution of “The Hero’s Journey”. It is based on his personal life and repeating patterns from his 12 years of consulting experience. With his words: “I have helped over a thousand people in crisis with over a thousand individual stories, and have yet to see an exemption from these milestones”

who is

steve joos

I fucked up… royally. That is all there is to me. My whole life – a successful .com business, balanced personal life, good family relationships – came crushing down 20 years ago, and I was not prepared, and I did not understand what was happening to me, and I had nowhere to go. Took me 10 years to stand up & find meaning in all the seaming madness. And what a meaning I found… based on experiences.

So now I can help you.
So now I want to help you.

I want to help as many people as possible to 1) understand better the natural transformation that is happening to all of us in our 30s and 40s, that is “the middle of life”, 2) solve it faster.

Depression, burnout, anxiety, marital challenge, loneliness, internet addiction, gaming, alcohol and porn – I did it all, and they all just turned out to be symptoms of the one challenge I was not facing.

The change is coming. Like winter.
Winter is coming, 
change is necessary.

A better life awaits. If only you can let go of the old. 

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The dream is to help humanity connect through embracing the true nature of human condition that is imperfection. Honesty about our limitations & passions, speaking the truth, radical transparency, brave risk taking through being our true self, and thus allowing vulnerability is the greatest power to unite us all – countering loneliness, isolation and distancing, as well as filter bubbles resulting from poses (lies about our life) on current social platforms. We should do better. We CAN do betted. We WILL do better.

Humania helps you
1) get better
2) change
3) help others
4) find purpose in life
5) be rewarded for value contributed

Humania gives everybody the opportunity to earn real money by “just” being their best self.

Humania is the framework that Steve wishes his EgoYoga community could utilize – based on the lackings of community platforms they have tried sofar (Facebook, WordPress, Mighty Networks, etc.).

Humania is co-owned by its users.


Steve wrote


On midlife crisis, burnout, breakdowndepression, marital calamitiesaddictions transformation (!), that in fact is A) natural occurrence, B) the greatest single opportunity in our life, for not less but MORE happiness, C) only a result of our own postponing change that we should have allowed.




The Human Journey can a should be used as a personal development method. István & Co. put 6 years of development into perfecting the EgoYoga method, that is “the art of traversing The Journey”. He identified 11 milestones, that divide the human life experience into a journey of 12 stages within three big periods. He and his team developed laser focused courses and launched a membership community to help EgoYoga practitioners better understand and faster reach the 11 milestones one has to hit in life to obtain & ensure lasting happiness amid constantly changing circumstances. 

STEVE Founded

online Academy

Joós Steve’s online courses consist of thorough explanations (to better understand the challenge one is facing) and detailed instructions on concrete actions (to effect change and thus reach resolution). The courses focus on carrier as well as relationship challenges, and hundreds of people prove them valuable. The online courses are complemented by Zoom workshops to also provide peer support and experience based personal advice, from a facilitator who has already solved similar situation. 

STEVE launched A


Regular group meetings for channelling life experiences of the more experienced individuals to the bold new generations formed by members of the same gender have served humanity well for millennia. We strongly believe that small support groups are a prerequisite for the well functioning individual, thus lasting social balance in general. Steve launched a members only community for experience based sharing. Our ONE rule is: only comment with your experiences, in opinions and speculations we are not interested (!). Within this Enakademia Community we empower average but experienced people to launch support groups for others in topics they had already solved. The Enakademia Community nurtures a growing number of Female Circles as well as an evolving Club for Man. Based on Zoom, of course.


500+ videos

The EgoYoga approach was so new, and questions so many that it seemed easier for Steve to occasionally make 10-20 min. video responses, instead of replying one by one for everybody in writing. Facebook Live was then new. The first video appeared on Nov 14, 2015 – and more than 500 have followed since. Much experience has been shared.


at the time being the newsletter is only available in Hungarian


Stve hosts live Zoom sessions for the whole of the Enakademia Community, these 1 hour discussions are then published as podcasts.


The Steve Joos youtube channel is new. A new era begins in May 2021, we are excited to start sharing our content with the world, finally in English.

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A movemenet is a community with a goal. It is scary to launch a community, and it is scary to lead one. It is scary because most people want to see evil, imagine nefarious aims or label you a sect – very few peple accept it to be what it really is: a bunch of people around a shared belief. 

I never intended to lead people. In fact I was trying to avoid doing so for most of the last 10 years. And yet, despite my best efforts: 

A community was born.
A movement is afoot.
I had to step up, and lead.

One could say I had to do this for the people wanting to follow, but it would not be true. I had to do this for myself, I had to do this for the cause, that is my purpose: to advance human kind towards a happier life. 

Our community is for the few. The few who see reason in our conviction (backed by evidence of life stories of over a 1000 members) that the human life is in fact a journey. A journey with a beginning (that is the same for all of us) and an end (that is unique to everybody, and greatly depends on the work you put in your life). In order to live a happy life, effort is needed – even more than that: the right kind of effort is needed.

One needs to overcome him or herself to achieve happiness, instead of endless scrolling on social and media apps. Scrolling is the enemy. Put in the work, do something instead – Facebook is NOT a community. The same way Instagram isn’t. And people do need each other to be able to listen to our better angels – we are in fact each others better angels.  

Our Community is for people walking the walk. It all starts with an evaluation of your current position (win pin you on the map), and than you focus, put in the work needed to reach the next milestone. After wich the next milestone again, and again, and again. Life is a game. Enjoy! 

the Enakademia Community has over



out of which 200+ are weekly active